But, you can't fall in love alone... [The Polygamy Post]

TLC's "Sister Wives," the story of modern American Plural Marriage

It premiered in late fall, maybe even winter, of 2010. It immediately picked up steam as one of the hottest nights on cable television for pushing boundaries of societal norms and expectations. It went were, as average Americans, knew yet so comfortably ignored. It is TLC's "Sister Wives," the inside story of polygamy in modern day America.

As a Muslim I grew up probably more aware of polygamy than I would argue the average 20-something American is. Experience meant nothing however as I, along with my faithful Sunday night TV buddy, Carly, tuned in to TLC's Sister Wives. Words can not accurately express the emotions from happiness to sorrow that filled my soul every time the credits began to role. We gasped and even questioned along with millions of other viewers episode after episode at the Sister Wives and their surprisingly normal lifestyle. By the end of the season it seemed as though more often than not I found myself forgetting they were different.

HBO's"Big Love"

The season ended with a (spoiler alert): new wife being added to the dynamic and one wife contemplating the possibility of an exit. Left w/o a Sunday night show to watch I looked into alternative television programming about polygamy to find a gem, HBO's Big Love. The parallels between the scripted version and the TLC reality version are unreal. There I was again along for episode after episode of polygamy. The difference however was that because Big Love is scripted I felt more at ease with fully judging the characters. This was until of course I realized there was a part of me that wanted to be one.

This sudden urge to become a sister wife myself could be logically assigned to a many number of factors: my age, my location, the weather (icepocalypse), the date, Beiber, etc. But, I say that beneath all the "OMGWTHHOW?!WHY" of both Sister Wives & Big Love there is a certain level of undeniable humanity that I crave. Despite their jealous tendencies, uncontrollable tantrums over nightly arrangements, and soccer practices galore I like the companionship, rush and commotion of the lifestyle that polygamy seems to create. I think of it like a sibling relationship who knows what your family is going through better than your siblings who also grew up in the same family w/the same issues?

Again, this is all nothing more than an over exaggerated thought process as I frequently tend to wish I was living someone else's life, --even if they do share their husband on a rotational basis with me. As I watched the final episode of the season and the constant running/hiding the women had to go through just to be in this life I realized polygamy is more than likely not the lifestyle for me. The companionship just wouldn't amount, in my opinion, to the sleepless nights and possible weight gain from stress acquired by the whole ordeal. Still, a girl can dream can't she?

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