Ya'll & Other Non-existent Words or Phrases

Ever read a post on Perplxintexan's and been all 'say wha now?' or perhaps even tried to Google it and to no avail? Well here's your answer ladies and gents, the Perplxintexan-ictionary, a land of fun phrases, terms, words, and even sounds. Enter, read, and be offended at your own risk.

For a list of the label meanings look below.


Perplxintexan (N, Verb)

the name which she chooses. It encompasses both her enigmatically quirky personality with her Texas heritage. It neglects facts like race, religion, and other war starters but, that's because this blog isn't about that. It's about her. Her life as an elementary teacher, Islamic Marriage and family counselor, and sarcastically inspired single life.


3mu Ahmed- The generically created character of Arabic decent, used to represent all male, Muslim, characters within Perplxintexans' life and happenings. He's often no more than 5'7" tall, speaks with an accent, posses and unnecessary frustration with the Jewish culture, and has a minimum of 5 kids.

Him- The blog nick name chosen to encompass the (currently) ex-best friend of Perplxintexan. He's amazing in ways words can't describe, bashful, honest, and afraid of encountering his true potential in this life. But, our arguments have become broken forms of poetry at best and so for now we're done and if it's meant to be it will.

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PTS#1- Shorthand for the 1st born sibling to PerplxinTexan i.e. my brother. He however has sense moved on to his own segment, exposing his fleeting class and offensive thought process.

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Oh brother where art thou filter?

Zahra - The fun-time, not so together, hijabi side kick, to the perplxintexan. She takes part in 78% of all PT-related adventures, originally hailing from Algiers, Algeria as a proud single Muslim at the only Catholic University in the state. Other talents include hula-hooping in dark places and making Hummus.

Places - Under Construction

Phrases Under Construction

Blogbiting- (V) Term coined in hopes of convincing myself it's not a sin but, a confessionary release, which so happens to exploit others ignorance, should my parents, siblings, co-workers, or future hubs ever find this blog.


* Acting My Age Not My Shoe Size-
The tales in which I discover the meaning of maturity
* Breakdowns Via Blogging Are Cheaper Than Therapy- A self-explanatory label
* Color Me By Numbers-The tales of Wordless Wednesdays and Color By Numbers
* Conversations W/Muslims - A work in-progress in which I attempt to make Muslims a little less scary
* Dreams-
The exposure of my unnecessary fascination with all things Disney and make believe. Some are actual dreams which involve sleeping and beds, others simply involve sleeping while awake.
* Enlightened Event-Tales of getting lost, in hopes of finding myself.
* F My Life- Often used as the acronym, FML, F My Life was made popular by the teen movie Superbad, in which a character exclaims,"F*** My Life!" It is a semi-humorous ending to a tale which involves ironic twist of misfortunes, anger, or strong emotion.
* Friday Fragments-
* Gender Relations-
* Good Things Come To Those Who Whine-
* Got Media; Got Perspective?-
* Hindsight Is 20/20-
* Holidays/Family Time Agitate Me-
* I Think With My Mouth Open-
* If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It-
The (mis)adventures in finding the Husband (to be determined) or at least a willing participant
* In Which I Fancy Myself A Writer-
* Islam Ensued -
* Labels Are For Clothes -
* Life Lesson-
* MSA -
Acronym standing for Muslim Student Association, these are the tales of life as active member of the MSA at the number 6 party school in the nation, oh the irony.
* My Drama IS My Mama-
* My Last Name Causes National Security Alerts-
* Oh brother where art thou filter?-
* Promising TMIs and Confessionary Tales-
* She Wanted Me To Curse Her Out-
* Spring Awakening-
* That's What He Said-
* The Answers Were In Me-
* The Next Person Who Talks is Going to the Office-
* This Is Going To Decrease Your Intelligence-
* Twilight-
* Updates-
* Weight Endeavors-
* What If Nobody Ever Questioned Anything-

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