Egypt is the new black...

Dear George W. Bush: this is how the Middle East gets re-made. No invasions necessary.

Protesters have been in Cairo's Tahrir Square for nearly three weeks.

According to the New York Daily News

Egypt's hated President Hosni Mubarak stepped down Friday - 18 days after his countrymen revolted against his autocratic rule.

Mubarak's exit was announced by his hand-picked vice president, Omar Suleiman, in a brief statement.

"My fellow citizens," Suleiman said. "President Mubarak has decided to leave the office of the president."

The Egyptian Army, he said, has been "instructed" to run the country in the interim.

The announcement sparked an enormous outburst of joy in Cairo's central Tahrir Square, where hundreds of thousands had gathered for an 18th day demanded that the tyrant step down.

I'm not sure what lies ahead for the Egyptian people but, I'm certain it is far richer than what lies behind them.

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