I'd like to make myself belive, that planet Earth moves slowly...

Hate is a strong word.

Now that that is established let it be known that as of February 3rd of 2011, I hate my universities' Bursar office. Long story short they applied a scholarship I now longer have because I changed my major to pursue my passion and do what I so desperately believe will actually matter in the world. This of course resulted in them spending money I didn't have and then charging me for their mistake. They also are charging me 10% in late fees on top of the money I already don't have. They are also asking that I pay the 350$ that the scholarship didn't cover. Also they didn't even email me to notify me of the removal of my scholarship until nearly a week after it occurred. My mother instructs me to go down there and "get my money."

So, I do. I explain that they are charging me more than the scholarship ever would've covered. The consultant agrees. She does not apologize. She only uses facts. She says it sucks but, they aren't financial aid. They do not "help get money for students to go to school." My mother texts me to demand an itemized list of expenses, show were I was double charged. I asked. The consultant gave me the sheet. I ripped it. She waves good bye. I paid the bill. I now have 12$ to my name.

She went back to playing Farmville.

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