Conversations W/Muslims #22- I'll Survive on Little Victories

It's time for another exciting portion of reasons why old people shouldn't be allowed to touch anything...but themselves.

(better known as reasons why my mother doesn't deserve a cell/shouldn't text)

Me: Mama I can't find the 20$ I found today.
Mama: Maybe it's a sign.
Me:Like what?
Mama: I don't know I don't make signs. I just follow them.
Mama: Like stop, go, yield, traffic slow ahead.
Me: Where have you ever seen a "Go" sign?
Mama:That's just it I haven't found it yet!
Mama:I'm sure my exit is approaching soon though. L0l
Me: That's gross don't use short hand, you're over the hill.
Mama:Yeah, that's where I found the traffic is slow ahead sign. You're father had it.

(30 minutes later)
Me: I found it, never mind.
Mama: Where?!
Me: Not the sign. the money. Unless the money is the sign.
Mama:Great! If you were still bummed I was gonna suggest getting Sea herpes.
Mama: I mean Sea Horses. Sea horses.


ModestJustice said...

Your mother is hilarious!

And sadly enough, I do say LOL outloud... not laughing out loud, but l-o-l.

Shoot me now

z-dizzle said...

lmao sea herpes sounds delicious

AD said...

:) i love you and your mom!

and guess what... you stopped me :)
like really!

auty said...

haha :]

Lisa said...

Sea herpes!!! Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard habibty. I've missed your fun posts so much! Don't let them get those sea monkey things for the kids, lest they mistake them. Love you.

Marwa said...

Did I ever say how much I love your mom. She was probably dead serious too.