Oh Hawt Damn! This is My Jam...

The great thing about summer is that it means quality time, not quantity time with people. Unlike quantity time, quality time is about obtaining time with individuals based on the pure sentiment of being with/around each other as opposed to obtaining individuals, or other factors. For example, I'd rather do absolutely nothing with my best friend Zahra for hours than be without her for one. Basically, if you feel like what you're about to with a person belongs on the back of a Hallmark card then you're enjoining in quality time.

I started to think about all those quality time moments when I realized almost all of these memoirs were in vehicles/while traveling and that's because almost all of my memories start with one (or more) persons screaming, "Oh this is my jam!" The problem with people like *cough* Zahra *cough* is that whether it's hip-hop, R&B, Rap, Pop, foreign tunes, like Arabic and Spanish, heavy metal, country, or instrumental, EVERY song is their jam. The other problem with riding in vehicles with such people is that they continually announce how great of a jam it really is. You might hear them using such phrases:
  • This is Ole' School right here!
  • DAY-um, this is the joint!
  • Turn it up!
  • Ya'll don't know nothing about this
You're quite right, I don't know nothing 'bout this, and thank gawd for that! After screaming about how fabulous the song is they're charged up and have probably started singing over the music, are standing in the car/ jumping over things to get to the volume, singing the wrong lyrics, melody, tune, and are more than likely singing the wrong song entirely. Sometimes they do such things without a radio/music at all singing along in public places like Qdoba, the grocery store, Church. It's also probably one of the most offensive or inappropriate tunes ever created (see also:Takin' Retards to The Zoo, (Crank dat)Soulja Boy , or perhaps the ever inappropriate 3oh!3's Don't Trust a ho )

Now the reason I bring this up is because since my family's abandoning me( who's in school and being responsible) for vacation in the Bahamas/ D.C. leaving temporarily, I've been semi-living with Zahra and her family to which I learned that the ONLY thing worse than a person who owns every jam in the jam-universe is a child jammer. A child jammer is a regular jammer who can't think nearly as fast a fully grown jammer yet insist on jamming none the less. So as opposed to hearing "The circle of life and it moves us all" you hear "the wrinkle of lines and it moves so toe" At least with fully grown jammers I can use violence persuasive methods to achieve silence but, with creatures under the age of 10 belting out Hoey Montana I almost feel sorry for them. I mean back in my day Disney didn't just make movies, they made classics. Now they just make trash. So this morning I may or may not have takin' out the trash, misplacing that Disney Channel Music Super Stars CD. Ah, and now the summer can continue as regularly scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Did that say taking retards to the zoo? Some people have zero ethics.

ModestJustice said...


-cough- I happen to scream 'this is my JAM!' in the car ride home with the family whenever 30H3's "Don't trust me' comes on >.>
But instead of 'ho' I say 'oh' so no one notices :DDDD

However me and my older brother fight to the death for control of the radio, so every jam is someone's jam.

z-dizzle said...

lmao this is prolly one of my favorite posts ever!!! and of course cami would try to play off knowing the whole radio by heart by saying that she just heard it the other day.....i don't think i say this is my jam to everything, but i may be mistaken ;)

Mina said...

Its annoying as hell when ppl that hear a song (every possible song under the sun) and scream OMG THATS MY JAM! WTH how many can you have...

Anonymous said...

I've come to visit so must comment-but to tell the truth I did not understand a word of that jive. Guess I'm just not that hip any more and didn't dig it.
What are you doing eating jam in the car? Messy business.

Anonymous said...

^ Did she really just ask that?

Lisa said...

Now missy what about Miley's Cyrus' latest The Climb?? It's incredibly moving, and Disney since it's from Hannah Montana habibty. But, I agree that lots of the magic is gone in Disney, though stay tuned, I am posting on Disney next!

Promise me that tomorrow you will get in the car and hit the road with Zahra to the tune of Thriller, Billie Jean, and Beat It in the background. For Michael Jackson of course :) Promise!

I'm with you on Soulja Boy too. Ugh. And also that annoying Promiscuous Girl song from last year that is literally husband's favorite tune.

Don't worry about not going to the Bahamas. Maybe we can do Disneyland together. I'm going July 15. Love you lots habibty!

Constructive Attitude said...


i didnt know mary poppins was considered disney

somebuddy said...

lol standing outside school at lunch ... car drives past... loud blaring music, guess what it was...
sexual healing ... guy gets his ass of the wall and yells out... OH MY GOD MY SONG!
needless to say we all moved away pretty quick after that revelation.
lol love this post.

Constructive Attitude said...

On the last day of school kids were dancing to soulja boy songs and doing the inappropriate dances and some of the teachers were encouraging it!

LiLu said...

Truth: I would KILL to have a boom box just like that one.

Hassan E said...

I'm an everyjammer too!
Why have just one jam when you can have them all!?

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Ano- haha, I thought the same thing when I googled inappropriate songs.

MJustice- yes, because saying 'oh' makes it So much better. lol.

Z-You def say it more than you think you do. And when you don't it's because someone beat you to it.

Mina- Long time no see, welcome back! I completely agree and even laughed out loud.

Moannie- Haha! A jam, is like a how shall I say groove, it's a song that when played you feel an instant connection with. It's often catchy and can't be stopped. I'm sure you've got a jam of you're own! :)

Ano- Let's be cordial now. She might have been being sarcastic.

Lisa- Granted I know by heart The Climb but, this doesn't erase the part where Disney has become a disappointed at best. I'll inspire ya anytime you need. Next time I'll try interpretive dance.

P.S. If we road trip anywhere it will be to YOU! :)

P.P.S. disney land?! Woah.