A Scrub Is Guy That Can't Get No Love From Me...

It's the month of love. I turned in my classics of children's literature analytical essay.

My A.I. read the rough draft and asked

Her: Are you having a breakdown?
Me: **silent and blankly staring back** I looked at her as if to ask if she wanted the truth.
Her: umm, then are you on Adderall?
Me: Oh.

I took me 6 straight hours. I pumped out a measly but, brilliant 3.5 pages. My argument:Charles Perrault's adaptation of “Aschenputtel” emphasizes the moral and materialistic concerns of society heavily reinforcing gender stereotypes within “Cinderella.” That's right I took the feminist approach. Sue Me. I stated that Cinderella was only 'good enough' for the prince once she was externally beautiful. If you recall the prince doesn't even have a name. Cinderella however was gaga for him from the beginning, ready to risk death as a glorified slave just to meet him.

The prince does not even have a name, but he did have a title. This expresses the thought that men are only interested in woman for their external and physical contributions AND that women are not only, eager but, waiting to give it away. For centuries, fairy tales have been used to express subliminal messages of existing tabooed desires, gender roles, class expectations, and etiquette. The Prince just wanted some action, and like a fool she gave it up for free. I guess that's where the Boleyn's learned all their tricks. I said Cinderella is a glorified prostitute.

I'm a beast.


Impulsive Addict said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Your momma sounds mean! I would never make my daughter shop with me while she's covered in pee! Now if I had a teenager do that, then that's a different story! I would love to humiliate a teenager! Have a great weekend!

Constructive Attitude said...

wowwww i never thought of cinderella as a prostitute. or even thought of the story that way. interesting analysis.

Angela Darling said...

That's an incredible way of looking at the story. Well Done!

Cheryl said...

I will never watch Cinderella the same way again.

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Ilana said...

umm, so when are you transferring to Smith?

Thrice said...

Wow, lol... Normally, I would try to give it some thinking and a good interpretation to your post..but I don't need all that because your paper was not only witty but quite right :P Have you ever seen Cindirella 2? She is living in the castle and there's a huge party, ans she wants to plan it...when you see it, it's like imagining Julia Roberts at Pretty Woman organising a cocktail party..do you imagine? :P

MarjnHomer said...

there was an iteresting book that i read where they analyzed all the princesses from disney and showed how they are all dependent on men to fix thier problems and make everything all better. i wait for no one to solve my problems if i can do it myself.