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27th day of January
"The Elevator"
Part 1

Here's where things get complicated. Pay attention.

So there I am exhilarated at the fact that my lovely university has finally come to their senses and realized that if people are sledding to class or could potentially drown in the puddles of melted and refrozen snow maybe class should be canceled.

And, then it happened. Hallelujah! First classes were postpone till noon, then for the day. I go outside to breathe in the fresh dew and falling flakes only to realize that I should be using this time to maybe do the work I should've done last night. Current thoughts: God loves me, this snow day is merely and affirmation of such. Jealous?

Nothing could ruin this. I sip hot coca ready to make creamy basil bisque soup and empanadas. It's nice being Hispanic. And even better having the day to enjoy it. I key the elevator with a smile beamed across my face and hum in my heart. Then she crushed it.

"WOW", I exclaim.

Some chick watched me stand there, foot raised, about to step into the elevator and pushed the "close door" button. Really? Seriously? I mean if you had time to watch me, you had time to wait the milisecond til I stepped in. SLAM! went the doors in my face. I opened my mouth to rip her a new one. Then he cascaded up in full-Cullen's fashion to say "Ha, Elevators really bring out the worst in people huh?" If it hadn't have been for the split second sigh of witty, sarcasm, and his very fortunate looking features that girl would have needed a gurney after the verbal lynching I had planned. But, it was Zack and his glittering personality that saved her and quite possibly me. We stood awaiting the next elevator not completely oblivious that our lives were about to change forever.

Me and Zack got on last. And then it happened.


MarjnHomer said...

what happened?

Marwa E said...

In "full Cullens fashion" huh? Someone was smitten. What floor does he live on ;)

Constructive Attitude said...

what a jerk.

soooooooooooo what did happen? you cant just leave us hanging.

Constructive Attitude said...

oh yeah, im loving the new layout :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes what happened? I'm guessing there's a part two..


hautepocket said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog because that means I have found yours! The page looks great and I love your screen name you used in my comment. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see more of you...I know I'll be back here. Take care!

Bella@That damn expat said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

That really happened? Was it a stranger or someone you knew?

...Love said...

MarjnHomer & Anonymous #1 : Yes, there is a part two..hence me writing part 1 at the top of this post.

Marwa- You never visit. You never will so where he lives is of no concern to you. :P

Constructive Attitude- Yeah it pretty much sucked monkey balls but, I'm glad it happened you'll see why soon enough.

The blog, eh. I miss my old one. But, a change has come and my old layout has gone. refreshing.

Hautepocket- I was turned on by your name as well. Although I'm not sure 'turned on' is the phrase I'm searching for.Come back now ya here. :)

Bella- Oh no, thanks for stopping by here. The boy was def. a stranger at the time. Emphasis on at the time.

Sarah beth said...

you can finish now.

Artistic Logic said...

and then WHAT happened??
is this for real or is this a fictional thingy
mannnnnnn you must stop torturing my wit

star said...

where is part 2? i never found it