Why Do You Build Me Up ButterCup Darling Just To Let Me Down...

You know that place where theory meets reality?

You know that place where theory meets reality? It's the place that happens when you come to the actualization that your life just may be different than others like you. It's that place where your own family and closest friends can not seem to grasp the person struggle you seem to be burdened by. I wasn't going to post about how he upset me. I wasn't going to say that he's too de-sensitized to the fact that he's not the only one in a two person conversation. I wasn't going be affected by it. But, I am.

You see I am offended that you are trying to convince that I'm the same person as you just because we have a commonality. Males (in general) have the tendency to mistake vocal release for complaining, ungratefulness, or bi*ching. But, it's not. Girls like to release and it's in a physical form different than men do. Ironically enough this is what we talked about today in my marriage interaction course. According to recent statistics the number one fallacy of females is withdrawing from men physically to compensate for mens' withdrawal emotionally. And, while the issue I'm currently irate over has nothing to do with a person I am romantically inclined towards it's still upsetting. Maybe it's just me but, I think people really need to stop over generalizing their gender stereotypes and get real.

Today we learned about actual sex VS. performed gender. It's the idea that gender is not assigned but, rather chosen and performed. Its made famous by Dr. Judith Butler who assesses that woman learn to think, feel, and respond a certain way because of how they observe 'woman should act.' Basically girls act girly because they expect themselves to do such as girls(Say that three times fast), the same is said for men. It's all about human perception and expectations. Stupid is as stupid does and boy is as boy does. That to some of you means your entire life is a sham! That's right JC Chasez of N'Sync all this time it was "ok" for you to play with Barbies. Sad face. You really missed out. Err, anyways, my beef is that while men may be confused about what woman want, woman are often confused by what men expect. When all along if we stopped wishing on old wishes and creating falsified expectations based on gender assumptions then we wouldn't have to keep playing games with each others heart. Then we'd all be happy! But, alas what's the fun in that? happiness is for old people. So if you're a guy and you're reading this do the right thing. Don't just hear your girl, listen. And if you're a girl don't change a thing. We've got boobs and thus rule the world.

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Let me google that for you- Judith Butler

That last part was a total joke.


MarjnHomer said...

hmmm interesting post. Sometimes a girl just wants to cry for no reason at all and the guy thinks she is being too emotional. I think I understand what you're saying but it still hasn't clicked yet.

sevencarpileup said...

Thank you. I won't ever be able to tell you why, and to which posts (cause it's all of them that I have read in the past hour). But thank you. Forever.

Anonymous said...

I've read many of your posts in the last few minutes. You have an incredible voice with your words. Thank you for sharing! :-)

TheGossamerThread said...

Boobs rule the world. I think that's all i can agree with. As for the rest, well i promised to respond on here. so here i am. Its kinda've interesting how you bend mystery into everything you write. Its just a different way of communicating i guess.

Anonymous said...

freagin' hilarious love!