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TurkeyDay W/Ms.A

Happy turkey day :)

may peace and blessing be fall each of you.

T-minus 15hrs till the 'big day' and I've gone to clean house and bake pie all day tomorrow so enjoy.

This week in 4th grade the word of the week is: Unappreciated.

Today's post is dedicated to Tristan. He's the sandy blond with Grey streaks and vibrant, daring blue eyes. Tristan isn't like the other kids in the class. Tristan thinks beyond the box and past the stars. As a teacher you aren't supposed to have favorites. But, in my class it's hard not to. The simple words they use are both innocent and honest. Every time they speak, their words are heard and confined to the ears of the blind. They are one of a kind in a full house. Something within them makes me want to be a better person. It's days like today that let me know we can all make a difference. Everything matters.

Today's activity was "Thankful for being thankful". I always aim to establish an equality based classroom. My curriculum focuses not on books but, stories. Should religion enter the picture I do not hush the matter, I discuss it. Children are natural learners, sponges. Who am I to stunt their growth? Every child was sent home with a "Are we thankful?" worksheet? It's designed to help the students decide with their parents whats appropriate for their families particular values. They could draw, color, or bring in a copy of their 'thankful thing'.

Some of the kids brought their parents, some brought pictures, some drew locations or activities. Some where more abstract-- bringing in pumpkin pie to represent family dinneGewns 'thing'rs or jacks like Samantha, to represent her heritage. Her mother was an Olympian. I realized something was urinating on the floor and quickly eyeballed Sarah who hid her thankful thinking thing in her backpack-- it was a bunny. Jasper brought in the picture below. She wanted us to know she was thankful for living. "Everything matters" she added with confidence as she sat.

We made mini-turkeys, completely vegetarian![Top]We discussed how the "Indians" and "Pilgrims" each felt. Somewhere in the chocolate frosting, giggles, and quiet snowflakes I realized a single tear gliding down his face. I walked over to him, "Tristan, what's wrong?"I often don't ask the kids this for fear of exactly what happened, he told the truth. "Nothing." I pulled him over to our "Happy place" within the classroom. He looked dead back into my eyes and abrasively said "Nothing!" this time almost hostile. That's when I realized he didn't share his 'thankful thing' with the class. I asked the basics "did you forget yours?", "were you confused", "is everything ok at home?" He replied with a simple smile in conformation. Now I was agitated. He genuinely had me worried. "Why didn't you share your thankful thing?! Where is it? What is wrong with you". He glared down at his shoes unintentionally almost looking ashamed. I tried to soften my glare.

"I did share my thankful thing" he whispered. I looked back at him confused until I finally began to put the pieces together. "Tristan--" I half asked. "Are you your thankful thing?" "yes" he replied. "I am my thankful thing, and nothings wrong with me, and that's why I'm so thankful". It was only then that I understood Tristan's parents probably discussed what they were thankful for and not what he was [individually] thankful for. "Then why are you crying? Aren't you alright, you said everything was ok." He piercingly looked back into my auburn rimmed eyes. "You told us during math that 'ok' wasn't good enough, we had to want the best. And well I'm ok. I'm not super or amazing but, I'm ok. Ok, is alright with me."...

"OK, is alright with me," I muttered outloud. I gave him a huge hug and told him "OK is alright with me too. Somethings are just meant to be." I wiped the last of his drying tears, ashamed of my words.I quickly finished explaining what I meant by 'ok is never enough'. He smiled and pranced back to his mini-turkey. No, he didn't bring his 'thankful thing' and thankfully not. Because he brought the one thing that is everything, love.Tristan, you are the best definition of good intentions. You are super, you are amazing. And if the only prayer you ever use in life is "thank you" well then I'll be ok.


Constructive Attitude said...

Wow if i had to pick between having you as a teacher or having ME as a teacher: you would win. hands down.

i suck at this.


you're going to make a superb teacher. inshallah.

Echoes of Innocence said...
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Echoes of Innocence said...

Also, I must say that every time I come to your page and hear your song selections I feel somehow.. more at peace. Lol, strange, eh?

Echoes of Innocence said...

Aww.. my comment not good enough for you page? Lol. You confused me, what exactly was I supposed to get out of it then?

Anonymous said...

Woah. Speechless. Why are all your experinces in life so ...altering? Please write more about you, your life.

Anonymous said...

When's the next chapter already !?!