And I've Come To Find Refuge In The Easy Silence You Bring...

You know what agitates me?

Creeperbook. I feel like it really has a purpose but, somewhere in invites to zombie wars, poking, stalking, groups of people who 'need numbers! Dropped/Broke phones', flirting via wall posts, and status updates about Twilight and Dark Knight I completely missed it. That being said, I went on a 3 day hiatus.

Almost every morn for the past 2 weeks I've awoken with three thoughts: Getting married, gaining weight, and death. Yes, in that order. Forever it confused me why these 3 thoughts plagued my mind and today I had the epiphany. Yes, the epiphany which always grants me clarity. It is the reason I've hit the gym 5 times in 3 days, de-activated the Stalkbook, and have resorted to talking in 3rabi.

Sense of control lost.

I can't currently control my weight. I'm not gaining, but I'm not loosing. I have no clue when I'm getting married, who I'm getting married to, OR even IF/WHY I'll get married. And, given the 3 birthday parties I've been to in 2 days I know death is nearer rather than further. And yest still I waste away time like it's infinite. So what's this simple Southern Belle to do...

Guitar Hero, of course.

In other news has anyone seen the new McDonald's commercial with the African girl i America speaking Arabic to the African American? Oh the irony of the whole commercial. I'm slightly disappointed and still amused. I've learned to play 'Sexy Can I' on the keyboard. The Jonas Brothers just purchased a house in the same gated community complex as my dads. I went to the local Hookah bar for a bday bash. It still amazes me how it is the one location in which gender, nationality, and religion have no existence in our community. The one place of haram is where they all unite. Oh the irony of that statement.

So tell me what does it mean now that I've discovered a Miley Cyrus song is a musical summary of my current life....


TheGossamerThread said...

I cant say much about miley cirus except my little sisters are wild about her and their 9 and 10. Yes i'm suggesting you need to grow up!JK.

I didn't know you took your own photos -- they are amazing---i cant believe them. I just though you jacked them from the net like everyone else.

OH OH about the McDDs commercial the black girl speaking Arabic is from Sudan -- which happens to speak wait for it, wait for it...ARABIC!

sevencarpileup said...

Marry me. Why?

1. I've resorted to Guitar Hero in the past two days as a remedy to all of my current problems.

2. All I do is sing 'Sexy Can I' and 'What You Got' all day.

3. I'm going to marry Joe Jonas. WHERE DOES YOUR DAD LIVE?

4. Miley Cyrus' music is the summary of my life as well. All I do is make up stupid little dances in the car to her entire album. I think a crowd pleaser (people watching from other cars) is Rockstar.

Gosh. Not-quite-teenage angst.

Constructive Attitude said...

I love Miley Cyrus' song, "Cant wait to see you Again". or at least I did, until I played it out. :)

And about getting married, I have only thing to say: when the time comes, it'll come. Dont try to rush it, enjoy single life while you can :)

whitefawn87 said...

sigh. i think those three things are on my top 'hi i just woke up, these thoughts run through my mind' list too.

Omar said...

You could always marry one of the say 10 people who offered. Miley owns big time.

UH! i wish you would loose that camera your keeping me from marriage.

......Love said...

Gos.Thread- One word. Gel-US. Also,My point is not that she is speaking 3rabi. My issue is that she is an African-American speaking to an 'African-American'.Of all things evil and holy in this world McDonald's unites them? Rubbish.

SevenCarPileUp- I accept! I'm not entirely sure Guitar Hero is designed to solve problems. But i find it decides my fate very well. Dallas.

Constructive- HA! I'm in no rush but, it is cause for dismay.

Omar- I hate you for exposing that (above). 3 Wanted green cards!

Still as consequence for such.. not only are the pictures posted but, you are now TAGGED.Permanently PWND!

......Love said...

WhiteF- Great, now we there are 4 of us. Shall we start a book club?