There's a War Going On For Your Mind...

Photo inspiration came from my neighbor:
He said "your lucky your so bubbly"
I ask 'why, Ahmed'
He says "because when you get to a hard hill in life you can float on by"

ook at me! Look at me! I can ride a bike with no handlebars.

Hands in the air like its good to be alive and on top. Lately between the event planning and organization bashing that is 'non-for-profit' fund raising I find myself high on life. It's all about helping those who can't help themselves right? Once I thought life was like a race, all about crossing the finish line. Now however I'm left to wonder what my prize is if I get there first. I guess it's all about checking my motivations and thoughts. But, at the same time isn't that a bit naive to trust that the intentions of others are as pure, innocent, and romantic as my own? Now it's raining blasphemy; lovers take shelter.

There's a war going on for your mind. Now tell me who will win? Or is it even worth fighting for? Today I babysat, or as I like to call it kidnap. Kids are worth alot, ya know. They are worth more than being worthless. Catch that? Their minds are uncorrupted and easily adaptable. Their sin is even pure. Oh, how I envy them. Today the youngest, Logan asked me if "I could change anything about the world what would it be?". I responded with a swift and confident "I would talk less, and pray more. Oh and bad drivers. I swear 3/4 of America found their licenses in the Cracker Jack box" I let out a cool smile and flipped my hair.

Logan smiled up at me from on the floor. So I glance at him and ask this oh so 'wise' 6 yr. old what he would change. His answer: "I would change their minds." Minds. What a powerful thought. I was thinking changing actions. End poverty, grant world peace, save the penguins. I broke down the branches of evil but he targeted the roots. It takes thoughts, to make actions, words, pain... not the opposite. "A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others." We talk about pain, hurt, change, and war like it hasn't happened before. Or won't happen again...

I guess we're all a bunch of idiots.
Maybe the children will educate us.
And so the student has become the teacher.
I wouldn't have it any other way.


TheGossamerThread said...

interesting! Little kids are amazing! Hey do you take your own photos or find them online?

Falling Up said...

wow I LOVE your blog. Keep it up. :)
And great pic..you take it yourself? Kids are deep. They see what we can't, they see the simple truth of a lot of things. Things we overlook. I have a younger sister. When I grow up I want to be just like her. :)

......Love said...

Kids are amazing. They have the true street cred. Regarding pics.. most are my own like the one above. Usually if it is of my own collection there is a [actual] tag underneath or a corresponding concept/anecdote relating. If not some are from friends, foes , and flikr.

DT said...

I see a lot of potential in that child.

Future philosopher, perhaps?

Artistic Logic said...


kids are just amazing

i love how you write

i can't figure out a way to subscribe to your posts... any help there? i want to add it to my google reader thingy

Artistic Logic said...

o and i realized i can't see the pics that are supposedly posted in your posts... some of em.... i wonder why?

......Love said...

If you head to the front page

http://perplxintexan.blogspot.com/ if you look to your right hand side there is now a subscribe to option.
* you can choose either post or comments to sub to.

Also I have no clue as to why you can not view pictures as far as I know no one else is experiencing these problems.
* Can you see them now?