Say Something Worth Having Them Attack You For...

"Believe in change. It exists."

Evolution is something which has always perplexed me. And, as
clichéd as it sound I often wonder Who am I? and What have I become? With my steadily increased level of activity in the world I notice more and more exactly how pron I am to running into my past..literally. Not that my past is something that I am ashamed of for it grants me confidence in the person I am today. I do however, wish never to return to certain states of my history.

In school it's odd how we learn about the history of nations, tribes, and colonies but not necessarily the individuals that made such possible. If I died today, at this very moment would it matter? I hope that I've left my marks in the history books forever, but as an individual. If I have to be grouped who would I be with and why? These are the questions that have plagued my mind for the past 2 weeks.

“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.”

I know that first impressions mean alot, if not everything. But, what impressions am I leaving behind? One impressed footprint after another on the paths of others lives I now approach with caution. Yesterday, I was told I am an inspiration. But, what do I have to show for myself today?Trust is something I feel must be gained, and yet I do not trust in life. It's ironic that it's time like these I pray. If they take tomorrow and the plans we made..if they take the music that will never play, all the broken dreams, take everything, just take it away... they can never have yesterday.

So my past can't be re-written, my friends and enemies never forgotten. I hope for my sake they are not one in the same. But, part of me knows they are. My 'friends' may trust that I'm making a mistake with my life. They may frown upon my chosen career, and even ambitions. But what are they worth? Cause I'm sick of being treated like I have before; like it's stupid standing for what I'm standing for.

So today I advise you all to join me. Risk something.Take back what's yours. Say something that you know they might attack you for.


Love. said...

Kudos to whoever can name the second song played on my new MP3 player :)

**yes, that was a challenge..should you accept**

chapati said...

I love you!

haha, well no surprise there, huh, huh, uh??


oh dear -_-

anyway..yes THANK YOU!
for inspirin me!

today..im gonna tell my Biz teacher to screw her stupid unit work!


TheGossamerThread said...

Change is so hard to predict...its not sudden like everyone wishes it was...its quite. It arrives like a thief in the night. You wake up one morning and realize you've come full circle in your thinking.

Good history should talk about the people/communities that make things possible -- at least maybe when i write my book it'll address this:)

I wish i could risk something but i've risked and lost all:(

sevencarpileup said...

I'm not going to lie I'm straight up going to google the song because it sounds awesome.

joepolychronopolos said...

Great thinking Love, keep it up and you'll definitely do something with your life worthy of the history books.