Turn My Mic Up Louder I Have To Say Something

I am offended. That being said here is why. Today an article was released in our local (campus) newspaper. The article itself was a brief description regarding Muslim females on campus, more over their dressing habits. Almost ironic in nature however the author isn't who offended me.

The article chronicles the lives of three MSA members:the president, the (current) PR, and last years publicity chair. I myself was asked to participate but, do to obligations I have with MSA National I wasn't available. Now, I regret not speaking up when given the opportunity. The article begins subtle, presenting facts from both sides. It illustrates both those girls who choose to wear and not to wear Al-Hijab. My problem is not with those who choose not wear the Hijab. My problem lies with those who misrepresent the deeply embedded truth that is found in a woman who wears it.

More than a religious ID tag, more than a shield , more than a statement, it is a commitment. I strongly believe that those who choose to wear hijab have something that those who do not can never achieve. It is NOT culture. It is NOT tradition. It is a mandatory bond between your body, soul, and the creator. However, I am a very firm believer in the fact that "There is no compulsion in religion." And, that is why I say that hijab is much more than a physical representation. Hijab is a lifestyle choice.

I have an unbelievable amount of respect for our MSA president. A strong, devoted, intelligent, heart filled human being who never settles for anything less than her best. What I read today however, left me speechless. A friend forwarded me the article that stated:

"Hijabi's illuminate a grace of strength and dignity" and again, "It's hard being 'her' the 'covered' one...but it is something they must accept".

The article is filled with such quotes, boasting about the beauty us hijabi's hold within. So why do I have such anger for such beautiful statements? Because she isn't one of us. And some would think I'm angry at her for not wearing Hijab...but no, that's not it.

Like I said earlier another one of the three chosen to interview doesn't wear Hijab. The difference in the two females however is the way in which they represent it. One notes both its beauty and purpose yet admits "I am not ready. I'm afraid. I know once you start you can not go back". Which despite my feelings on such thoughts... are hers. They are her truth no one can take that away.

With the president however, not only does she not wear Hijab but she mocked and disrespected it. How? She is an EX-hijabi. That's right 'ex' almost like she divorced the thoughts of everything she claims to have stood for. Some would question why she even ever started."If you can not take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen." And, I don't blame her for trying. In fact, I encourage her to began once more.

What I do blame her for is the fact that she said such substantial statements about being a Hijabi when she wasn't and isn't one herself. If you're not going to take that step into wearing hijab, then don't. But, DO NOT have the audacity to acknowledge how proud you are to be a part of something so profound as wearing a hijab if you don't. It's hypocritical and false. You are misleading the masses and creating confusion.

Now us the real hijabis are left standing angry and deceived. Every one on campus is eager to lend advice. "No need to cover your hair, you can take a break like M***** did." You'd think at some point in time Muslims would stop sabotaging each other, own up to their mistakes, and stand as one. What is a girl to do?


TheGossamerThread said...

Sing Gurl! Lets all represent ourselves as we are, not as we want to be seen, nor expect to be seen!

sevencarpileup said...

I can't tell you how many times I've thought the exact same thing. The fact that people who don't wear hijab can never understand just how much of someone it is. It is part of your personality, part of your intentions and actions alike.

I'd love to read the article if your school does the whole online newspaper bit too.

Personally I think Muslims are more disrespectful of hijab than non-muslims. You should write an article for your paper.

Ragheb said...

yeah this is kind of a parallel problem to the one where girls don the hijab and then smoke marijuana. i actually once heard a joke that a hijab is useful in hiding weed.

anyways, if you're so passionate about it, write an article of your own, or even an opinion on the article and submit it to the newspaper. confront the ex-hijabi if you have to even. heck, i would (if i was a girl, cause otherwise i'd get that "well you aren't even a girl, you chauvinistic male-oppresionist!" attitude. awesome.)

anyways... can you either give me the name of the song you have on right now, or a link to where to download it? cause me like it.

Ragheb said...

Oh it's the first song.

And yes, marijuana smoking hijabis. It'd be funny if marijuana wasn't haraam.
I live around Boston.