There's so much nonsense; It's on my conscience..

Where am I?

I am here, physically anyways. It's both a crossroads and a one way.

What's got me so busied?

This. Better known as this.

Where am I going?

I'm not sure yet...... but, I'm sure it'll be fabulous.


Texan in UAE said...

I feel special, I am your 100th follower. Hello, from one TEXAN to ANOTHER!

z-dizzle said...

That was brilliant. I love TED..we have to watch a couple of them for Philosophy. Anyways, don't get too stressed and bummed out because YOU are amazing! You have all of this "stuff" inside of you just waiting to burst and I just hope that you don't implode ;)

Safiaaaaa said...

i gave you an award on my blog
thats where it is