Welcome To The Family #6- Who Let The Dogs Out?

For those 12 of you who just started singing and/or humming that song in some fashion or another G-d bless you. For everyone else brush up on your '90's pop already.

My brother and I haven't spoken for awhile. No- no Lifetime story is to follow we just realized we have lives...or at least I did. But, today he graced me with a Facebook status we couldn't deny.

"If I see any1 dress their dog up in a freaking Snuggie, they better call Sarah McLaughlin cause me & Mike Vick ain't haven it!"

It's probably horribly unethical and going to reserve me a spot in hell for at least 10 mins. but, I laughed. In fact, I'm still laughing. You should laugh too that way I won't be alone.-- not that I should be worried about being alone while in hell but, I am.


meno said...

Don't worry, i'll be there too.

z-dizzle said...

we'll have parties with stalin in hell it'll be good times

Constructive Attitude said...

im kind of lost.