Mais Si Je Reste Avec Toi...

.....There'll be the one less lonely girl.

"Justin D. Bieber- Let me tell you one time, I love you."

For those of you non-American pop culture obsessed humans out there, know that Justin Bieber is the latest tweeny bop sensation. For someone who, at best, reaches my chest and by the looks of it ages at about 10 he's got a voice, a good voice even. I, too, thought he was another fad but, I accidentally stumbled upon this video yesterday and discovered under all that American spirit and Hollywood make-up there's talent.
I know, I know, it'll suck once he hits puberty and reality sets in but, look at those cheeks! Today, only furthered my increasing crush on the Bieb as I discovered he can sing in French, perhaps the Canadian, not sure. But, when he belts out "Aucun autre visage ne m'a rendu fou, now all I see is you," I melt. Then I hear, "I'm coming for you."

So here it is everyone:

Dearest Justin Bieber,

Despite your lack of vertical distance and an actual Adam's apple I think you're adorable. You're lyrics only sound significant in French, true but, this we can work past. I write, you sing, we both like crayons, juice-boxes, and naps. So do, do come, and make me one less lonely girl.

Love, PTexan

He's more famous for his smash hit: One Time. YouTube making dreams come true, again.


ModestJustice said...

I heard of Justin Bieber before and yes his voice is adorable.

Even though I won't turn into a total fan girl, I can enjoy singing this in the car.

Ben said...

Go team Canada!

Hazar said...

I have thoughts.

Zaufishan said...

Wohoo Canadian! First introduction to the Biebster, he's not bad.

Someone's got a boy crush ne ne ne ne ne...

Anonymous said...


That's hilarious. Slightly disturbing but, kind of cute.

Cuddleslut said...

My friends and I, NYE hangover and all, watched an hour of a Justin Bieber concert on tv this morning.
Couldn't be bothered to change the channel.