Oh Kanye West, Why'd You Have To Be So Heartless?

A quick geography lesson:

"Exhibit A"

"Exhibit B"

"Exhibt C"

The Bengals are from Loser Land
A) The Bengals dropped the ball, again, in a devastating loss in the last quarter of the game. Of course the blame a weak offensive line but, I think blaming Swine Flu would be a better bet. There's no "i" in team but, there is in Swine Flu.

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Kanye West is from Hater Hills
B)Kanye West was at it again, taking center stage, with his rude and inappropriate oral diarrhea commentary Sunday night at the Mtv VMA's (Video Music Awards). Most tragic of all is that within seconds the beautiful dedication to Michael Jackson was forgotten.

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& Serena Williams is from Compton

C)Serena Williams mouth took center court--pun intended-- as she cursed at a lineswoman, and it might be the best thing that happened to women's tennis in a while.

See Also: Serena Williams mouth isn't made of win


*This post may or may not be a direct result of a certain male relative of mines.


Anonymous said...

God, that's hilarious.

Mona said...

He's an ass. Oral Diarrhea was right.

Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...

Why -- huh? What did Kanye say this time?

Constructive Attitude said...

lol at the oral diarrhea! And poor poor poor taylor swift.

Marwa E said...

Obama did a good thing.

z-dizzle said...

damn got black and she got black fast lmao she's my hero.....and Kanye is just sad

controlled chaos said...

I like how basically summarized everything.