Too Legit, Too Legit to Quit...

It's been exactly 2 weeks since I've posted. And for those smart a$$es of you out there scrolling down, ready to comment, and point out my miscalculation know that you are wrong. I posted that steroids post only about 3 weeks ago, when I was actually on steroids/sick. And for those of you ready to argue and be all "well I beg to differ!", know that you are still wrong. You can edit/manipulate the dates on your post. So you see I might actually be posting from the future..oooo--000OO--hhhh.

Ha, I actually just made that sound outloud. I wonder why people use sounds instead of words. I understand using sounds during times when words won't properly escape, like during times of intense pleasure or even pain. But, have you ever had a conversation with people who just make noises and expect you to understand? Example:

Me: Hey! How are you
Her: eh
Me: Oh really?
Her: neh
Me: Well, then I'm just gonna go...
Her: huffs, smiles.

It's very frustrating and often disturbing. When I find myself in such situations I usually just slowly back away and instead talk to myself, in my head of course. The worse though is when I laugh. I have a nervous laughter and so am constantly giggling/snickering at the most absolute of inappropriate times. Think Church, the bank, fires, funerals. If it it's a disaster or about to become one I'm probably laughing and shouldn't be present. The sad part is the more you try and contain these laughs the louder they get. In fact they explode, and then you can never go back to that grocery store again because you almost peed yourself during the robbery they had 3 days ago....not that I know, or have experience or anything.

But, none of that is what this post was supposed to be about. The post was to simply tell you , I'm alive! I've recovered from that terrible slump I was headed down and have found solace in knowing I'm alive. It's not some cute or terribly traumatic-blog worthy epiphany. I just woke up this morning and learned that the kid I babysat last night peed all over me. In fact, she soiled my new sheets, my new pajamas, and even got a little on my cell phone she disobediently slept
with in her hand. Urine phones, yum! We showered, got dressed, and headed out to shop for the day, shoes.

I complained about not having new shoes, until we saw a man who had no feet.

And then it all changed, why complain about the things going wrong in my life when there is so much going right in my life? So for those of you who wanted a quick update know that I'm fine AMAZING! I just got two summer jobs I wasn't actually looking for. I get paid about 15$ to watch kids I already watched for free. I'm nannying, going to school , and have finally moved from my condo-- nestled in that sweet college town. [No worries, I got a nicer one]

You get 5 for the price of none. Well aren't you all lucky. Think, finding 25$ feel good, or eating 3 slices of strawberry cheese cake with 0 calories good. Yeah, it's that good.


z-dizzle said...

the nervous laughter always gets me during Ramadan, especially when the boys lead prayer...you know exactly what/ who I'm talking about PTexan! i can't help myself they sound like girls sometimes lol....I'm glad ur back!

Marwa E said...

I'm singing that song now. I have that problem too, except I actually laugh in church and I snort so it's about 20 million times worse! Love that moral @ the end and glad your happy and stuff.

welcome back! :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Darnit now i gotta go eat cheese cake! How could you do this to me Plexin? Arg, well welcome back even though i know you're plotting to ruin my life underhandedly.


Ye subhanAllah when you see those with less it makes you see how much you do have.

UGH I HATE kids wetting the bed next to me.... hate it so much i was willing to keep changin diapers until daughter was fully night potty trained, no possible chance for accidents. Reminds me I just heard from my husband who was talking to this Indian guy about how some Indians potty train their babies even at night and OFTEN almost nightly get peed on i was like OH GROSS! Why would anyone want to wash sheets daily...?


MarjnHomer said...

that conversation in sounds would be crazy funny. hahahah. glad ur back :-) and pee phone ewwwwwww

Hassan said...

Is it taking a morning dump good?

Imnotbenny said...

I do that too- the laughing at inappropriate times thing. I'm thinking of- instead of trying to hold it all in- I'll just save it up into one really crazy loud "HAH!" and get it over with quick so not as many people notice.

I'll let you know how that goes, and in the mean-time you can head over to my blog and copy yourself an award, which I am giving you for your bloggy bodacious-ness!

Andhari said...

Thoughtful. The part when you wanted new shoes and saw the guy without feet, I kinda realized I complained a lot about artificial stuff like that.

Sarah S. said...

You must gotta over the guy with no shoes because I've seen your closet.

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

AlhumduliLlah, I am so happy to hear how things are going with you, (job and moving). May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen.

Take care
Love Farhana

Anonymous said...

I like what you've been doing with the site, and glad you're feeling better!

controlled chaos said...

I make noises instead of talking sometimes.......

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

@ Z-dizzle- eventually you'll come up with a better n/n. lol

P.S. the boys sound like wounded cats.

@ Marwa E- Thanks a ton, I'll have to text you later to see how you are. And do tell why you're in church.

@ AMW- Oh pish posh, resist brandy resist! lol, I'm glad I'm back too, it's kinda like working out, making yourself do it then staying consistent ya know.The pee sucked but, the fact that she felt comfortable enough to sleep next to me made me smile. How are your kiddies doing?

@ MarhNHomer- Gross indeed!

@ Hassan- Do get a life...or perhaps a wife which is cheaper and will result in you maturing :)