Maybe I'm Amazed By Your True You, That's Why I Love You...

It's not quite Valentines day yet but, I had to post to announce:

I'm not the Grinch of Love.

Today we passed out the PostSecret inspired anonymous V-day cards. And By George it it worked! Every kid in my 4th grade cluster of a classroom got at least 3 cards, everyone. The popular chicks didn't load up on cards, building their heightened popularity and status. The boys weren't especially cruel to one another trying to establish a hierarchy of who would ask which girls to be their sweetheart. Everyone got a card. The cool thing is they aren't completely sure what cards came from who.

Some have an inkling because of penmanship and that they watched each other make the cards but, even the kids who received less while cards appreciated their scrap of junk. I'm glad I didn't cheat at peek at the cards ahead of time because I now get to enjoy the brilliance of anonymous love. 3 cards stuck out to me though.

1.The prettiest girl in all of 4th grade received a pink polka dot and lace trimmed 'card' which read, "I know you hate me and I know I'm not your valentine but, you are mine."

2.One of the football players received a card which read "Sometimes you stink but, your kinda nice, it makes me pink." The front had a football with blushing pink cheeks. I wanted to steal it. But, I didn't.

3.This card was actually one of the cards meant to be sent home to the parents. I acted like I lost it. It reads, "Daddy loves Stephanie but, I don't want him to."

Turns out Stephanie is the name of her soon-to-be step monster. Right now I think the author of that card is too young to understand that Stephanie isn't replacing her deceased mother she's just a filler in the space that happened to be free. The most shocking part of the whole day had to be that the girls gave more cards to each other than to the opposite gender.

I got a card last night at my 2nd job(Personal Trainer) from my almost boss. I say he's my almost boss because he only actually has about 5% authority over me and can't punish me at all. I'll post the card later now.


It's probably the best V-day gift/card I'll ever get.

It says, "I'm rich like Nicole, and a lion like her daddy"..........tame me?"

The back has a picture of him crawling like a lion.'nuff said. hilarious.


PerplxinTexan♥ said...

photo credit: http://www.mycharmingkids.net/

Constructive Attitude said...

omg. ur kids are so cute. but how old are they? cuz u said something about a football player so i didnt really get it.

Constructive Attitude said...

sometimes i just come on your blog and leave it open (after ive read your post, of course!)to hear bellas lullaby.

controlled chaos said...

yeah C.A. is really obsessed with that lullaby she made me listen to it. I dunno. I like it but not as much as she does.

anywaysss, it was sad reading the card about the kid's step-mother. Are you gonna do something about it?

MarjnHomer said...

lol love the vday cards you mentioned. too cute. kids are much wiser beyond there years these days.

Cheryl said...

Your boss with no actual authority over you sounds hilarious.

My boyfriend makes me pink too.

D said...

I love this idea! And the 3 cards were great, and I do agree with you "losing" the one card on some level although I have to wonder... Should you have sent that card home, maybe the little girl and her father need to have this talk and he needs to find out how she feels.

jb said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting...and I agree with cheryl, your boss sounds funny, but your kids sound so sweet. Liked this post and great blog, happy you came over so that I could discover your little world thanks.


PerplxinTexan♥ said...

CA- They have a upper elementary/ middle school football team. It's actually a rec team but, because the town is so small the school team is the extra circular team. Thanks for asking!

Controlled Chaos- I considered not acting like I hid it but, I think sending it home would have temp messed with the sentiment of Vday for her father. More importantly the whole point was that she trusted me as a teacher enough to value what she wrote down. See D's comment below.

Cheryl- That statement could be easily misinterpreted. and the boss IS hilarious. He's amazing and a really good dancer. Don't ask.

insomniaclolita said...

thats the best.card.ever. LOL