Be Soft, Be Sweet, But, Darling Be Discret.

Confession of The Month:

It's 3 am on Sunday when he looks up, smiling, and strumming the chords to 'A Whole New World' when I realize for the past two weeks I've been flirting with a married man. What's worse is that after he finishes, he stares contently into my Auburn-Grey rimmed eyes to say 'sometimes, I'm amazed by you,'


A long and semi-unnecessary story precedes why and how I ended up at 'guy's night'. I assure you it's ridiculous and will probably never happen again. From the very beginning I failed to understand why Maria wanted us girls at guy's night. But, I told myself we wouldn't stay too long and considering the fact that the only guy I was remotely interested was not only visiting but, engaged, there would be no pressure. The first night we went over I only stayed until 1:30 am, I say only because the following nights were just unacceptable. I didn't bake, dance, or try any other cheap shots at getting his or anyone's attention. I was there in support of my friends.But, then he opened up his case and pulled out his guitar.


He's not too attractive but, when he sings he let's my heart on fire. Then just like that god-forsaken Taylor Swift song I thought, "Romeo take me somewhere we could be alone;" my spine straightened and cheeks flushed a hue of crimson. Thankfully, this didn't happen but, for the next 36 hours we spent an indescribable and far too temptingly intimate distance to one another. My personal shaytan whispered how the ring on his finger wasn't a marriage it was an engagement. About 5 hours later she whispered again, besides rings don't make marriages.

His dimples are far too enticing.

By this time half of you are probably think, "yeah...but did anything happen!?" And, the short answer is, no. We didn't touch, make babies, or anything super scandalous like that. But, we did feel each other. I don't know how to explain it but, like I've said before you don't have to touch in order to feel. As a young Muslim girl I shouldn't have even been in such an environment especially, given the circumstance. A woman's intuition never fails. My intuition is telling me that his weak week long engagement will last, with a troublesome, if not impending failure of a marriage. But, that's none of my business. What kind of marriage counselor intentionally ruins marriages, just because she can!?

In fact, what kind of person sends signals of seduction luring her prey just to watch him crumble? I'm not even into him, and yet I invested hours into making him feel comfortable enough to trust my temptation over his fiances love. Luckily he's gone home now and back to his loving fiance who doesn't know the otherwise. It happened too fast. We were all but, too close, too close for comfort.Part of me feels immensely guilty but, an even bigger part of me is proud of the fact that I could accomplish such a task in a matter of 2 and 1/2 days with 12 hours of sleep, Rockband, Wild Blueberry Muffins, a futon, and a guitar.

Geez, why's it always gotta start with a guitar?


Getty72 said...

Hiya :) Just popping by to say hello and thanks for your kind comment on my post. I have just read your post and think you have a wonderful way with words. I shall definitely come back to read more.

Wishing you a great week ahead. And remember.... "Make me smile" :D

Marwa E said...

Is this by chance the cause of your text at 12:30? Sorry, I wasn't there to distract you. I'm sure someone did though.

P.S. If you need to do coffee and gym to talk text me!

Cheryl said...

I'm such a sucker for the guitar.

And the first time I heard "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, I got all emotional and cried.

It was .. weird.

Cheryl said...

Okay the latter half of this post didn't show up on my reader. I don't know why. So I was really confused when I read your comment on my post, but now I am confused no more.

And all I can say is,


I still think you're awesome.

Anonymous said...

er he's not technically married. Get over it.

Asphodel said...

I like your music player! It distracted me from your post! I'll go back and read now :-]

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Getty72, I did exactly what your advice said. (see next post)

Marwa - Yes, usually when people text you it's because they want you to text back. No worries though we'll talk soon.

Cheryl- Lame pop music has that impact on a lot of people especially the 20-somethings of the world. Britney Spears Circus almost got me. Don't ask.

Cheryl x2- Uh chyeah, lol. I'm not nearly as awful as the jerk in your post on several levels but, it's the principle.

Anon- Perhaps I shall. (see next post)

Asphodel- Glad you approve of my taste! Feel free to comment after you've read :)

yourjosie said...

those jeans are VERY MUCH ON SALE! and amen, to your entry...I have been there and I definitely wondered...why would you do this? maybe to just see your affect on me. Boys will be boys.

Mina said...

Awww you have such a cute blog:)

Lovin ur posts...and such a way with words

Anonymous said...

"besides rings don't make marriages"

damn, your words are too true.

Ben said...

Guitars make my heart melt. I wish I could play.

NO. I wish the newf could play.

floreta said...

very interesting!

loved the music on your site btw... cheb mami?

i've got a softspot for guitarists (or musicians in general but esp. guitarists) too..

i also think what you did was ok or not crossing any boundaries.. as you said you didn't touch or nothing happened. i hate those rules in relationships that make you think you can't just talk or hang out with taken people one-on-one.. ugh.