But In Your Dreams, Whatever They Be, Dream a Little Dream of Me

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"Umm Ms. A if I were a resolution I wouldn't want to be had or done. I would want to be held."

-Morgan S, 4th Grader

So this is 2009. 16 yr old Miley Cyrus is writing an autobiography, the porn industry has requested a some-billion dollar bailout, Twitter is the new "good morning, how are you?", Asians have conquered the art of YouTube, The first African American has become president of the United States of America and phrases such as pwnd, weaksauce, n00b and lol are part of the English language and acceptable dinner conversation. Thanks to urbandictionary words that never were, are, and instant messaging has replaced actual human interaction. Humans touch technology more than they feel each other. And whats worse is that it doesn't bother most of us. 2009 is 2008 but, more bitter.

Morgan clearly didn't do her vocab homework and accordingly has no clue what a resolution actually is. Despite Morgans depleted understanding of what a resolution is, she has the ability to understand one. She's identified that in today's world of faster, shorter, stronger, better, and closer we are all to eager to touch and go. And yet we as humans are neglecting to feel for one another. I'll admit I've already placed mine.... and... I've already broken or failed at most. I've began to dream old dreams and wish upon false hope. I've cried, laughed, and been broken down. I wouldn't have it any other way because at least I am feeling what I know exist.

My kids have touched my life in ways intangible. They brought me to my highest highs and drug me through my deepest lows. They've challenged me on everything I know to be true. they've allowed me to live vicariously thorough the wilds of their imaginations. They aren't angels but, whether or not they are miracles is debatable. In 2008 they were easily the best thing to happen to me (besides the other best things which I will not name).It is their lives, thoughts, and words that have changed mine. It was not always what they said but how, why, when, and what they did not say that impact me. So to my ridiculous 4th graders my resolutions are many yet simple, I hope I can make it 'till 2010 and live to love another day.

But, Morgan if I could have anything in 2009 it would:to have more conversations.


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MarjnHomer said...

awwwwww.. thats cute. my kids mean the world to me and more even though they do drive me crazy always..

Constructive Attitude said...

wow. well said, my friend. well said.

Marwa E. said...

and just as a clarification you have zero kids correct?

Anonymous said...

i wanna have my kids :(

...Love said...

Yes, for clarifications purposes my "kids" refer to the wonderful students in my class.

Jossie Posie said...

You said it very well and I couldn't agree more. And Morgan is too cute with that statement.