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"I'm asking you to believe. I'm asking you not to believe in my ability to bring about change. I'm asking you to believe in your ability to bring about change."
- Barak Obama

I am Jo the plumber.
And regardless of my race, bankroll, sexuality or intelligence level I have a right.

That being said, I'm kinda envious of 'Jo the plumber'. In fact yesterday I stood behind 1,235 people for 3.5 hrs, watched a woman go into labor, and 2 girl scout troops do the soulja boy, to vote. After all this I felt it necessary to cause a scene. Why? Well, in part I did this to entertain myself and the others around me while we zombie-ishly stood to cast our vote. And the 2nd reason I did it is for the same reason I choose to vote, because I can. So basically I announced I was voting Obama| Palin which immediately threw the elderly people behind me into an uproar deeming that I was 'too young' , 'impressionable', and 'didn't deserve a vote'. "You have no clue what yo people fought for lil' girl" Ah, this is exactly what I wanted. So I swallowed my fear and began to grow louder in volume "but, alas it is my vote and my right. So should I chose to frugally write in Justice or even Santa, I can." Hell, I can vote for myself if I feel like it.

This lasted for about 30 mins. and I was sure the TV station would be arriving soon so I could protest my constitutional abilities nationwide. When suddenly something more profound happened. I looked around to realize my creation, dialogue. People were talking, they were interested, ready and willing. Granted, I didn't get on television, I still had to wait my turn but, here I stand in the middle of history. That is undeniable. My ignorance created a 'buzz'. And to think I almost turned around and went home because I was only 1 vote.

About an hr later a young man about 26 yrs old was denied his right to vote with his mother. He was mentally disabled and had trouble reading the options, but he understood his rights. He knew who and what he wanted and was sure of how to make it happen. Yet, he was denied. And here I stood kinda upset that I wasn't 'ignorant' enough for CNN.

Moral of the story:

I have the constitutional right to vote.
So wherever , however, and for whatever reason I ask you to vote. Use your right as an American to do what is best for us all. It's your voice, your choice, do as you must..... just vote. Because with or without you, history will be made.


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You would. Hilariously enlightening.
good post.

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wait... is this real? how much have i missed? i must go back and read older posts!