Just because we are forbidden to touch does not mean that your love does not light my ocean

I wish I would let him start believing in me. Maybe he won't look too hard into my heart. He might cause this flustered heart to pulse with a beat undeniable. 'Just let him care already'...'what's the worse that could happen?' my friends are all too eager to advice my situations in life. Oh, but I can't.I won't.

Then something happened. Late one misty Autumn sunset afternoon this girl walks home from class. There he is. I look away as though I hadn't spotted him across the courtyard.He glances up with a smirk in his eyes and a smile on that sun kissed face. My heart does a double take and my eyes flash forward. Concentrate, I tell myself. You don't like him. You can't like him. Oh hell! Since when do I like him?! I slow trying steady my pace. Subconsciously I was now tip toeing toward him. We 'accidentally' walk at the same speed now. We are two magnets growing closer, casually colliding.Little did I know how literal this would become.

He slowly glides over "Hey you, salams.." I try and act disinterested and maybe even annoyed. He notices. We keep up with the small chat. I nod and agree where I see fit. 45 mins roll past un-aware of this attraction. Always I remember to never seem intrigued. Our small unsuspecting glares throw my heart into a rampant fit of fire. Somewhere in the trying to concentrate on not looking concentrated I stopped walking. I look up into his auburn colored eyes and glare at my fate. It's beautiful.

Then something happened. "Why are you so stubborn?", he asks. The question throws me off. "Well do you want the long,short, or honest answer?" I settle in with a cool confidence. I must never appear caught off guard I remind myself.He thinks about this for about 5 seconds finally ending with a light chuckle. "Well I expect a lie, know the truth, and hope it's short." "Ugh!" I moan out. See this is why I can't stand guys, they never know what they want, it's always a guessing game. And I'm pretty darn good at games but, I don't have time for this one. I don't even really love him. Heck, I don't even like him! I'm in love with the idea of being in love. I'm not ashamed to admit he's more of a muse than a pleasure either. He's a confidence booster, a smile that never fails. I could handle this. "well, do inform this girl of why she is SO stubborn" I mock, challenging his words. He cocks his head sides ways, leaning in a little closer. At first I stop breathing unaware of what might escape his lips next.

[To Be Continued...]


Ilana said...

*high five* well written and makes me reminisce

Echoes of Innocence said...

Well, it seems like you have excelled at your writing, and there is no way that I could even begin to hold a candle to your publishings, not that I would want to. Fires tend to spread to quickly. Just wanted to stop in and say, Sup. Had a bit of a let down lately and well, your blogs entertain me. Keep on keepin' on Summer. :P

sevencarpileup said...

Oopsies. My last comment was meant for this post. I guess this is not real, which a part of me really hoped it was. Please, continue.

Anonymous said...


Is it a kiss? Is this real? I have a feeling he's back.

...Love said...

You'll have to pay close attention in order to dissect whether or not this is real. And if your referring to the previous 'him', my best friends well you'll just have to wait on that one as well.


Anonymous said...

Finish the damn story already.