It Won't Be Soon Before Long....

"And The World Lies In Your Hands Little One..."

And she had a dream,

"I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible, because dreams offer too little collateral."
-Walt Disney.

Ok, so maybe I don't exactly want to design a destination ruled by a big-eared, musically talented, talking mouse. No need for whimsical creatures fueled by laughter, magic, and imagination. What I do need though is a chance.

I've deiced that when I die I hope the poor, youthful, and ignorant miss me. And due to a recent occurrence at a youth seminar; I found myself forced on stage. And with mic in hand I spoke. This performance later became known as my 'comedy routine' for apparently Allah made me funny. I disagree with the audiences thoughts of my comical abilities for I feel I have none....but so the story goes. After such allegations of me being a Muslim comedian I did a little research. What is a 'Muslim comedian'? What I found was a little discouraging. In my results I found about 21 established 'Muslim comedians' [[or those of such nature (UmmahFilms). ]] And of those 21, I found only about 6 of which are actually entertaining. Of those 6 I found 0 that are female.

I've decided that the people need something. That something is me. Maybe it's wishful thinking OR the fact that the majority of my day was spent watching Azhar Usman and various MYNA/MSA skits from the past and thus, I feel inspired. OR Maybe it's the fact that I think the world is afraid of Islam and Muslims. Maybe my comedy can ease the tensions between the Muslims and Non-Muslims ...or better yet, tie the common blood between Israelis and Palestinians. Oh wait that's Facebooks' job. (Bad timing..I know)Either way, we need a voice. We are people and need to heard. So here I go one foot in front of the other, mic in one hand ...deen in another onto the stage of life. I'm willing to speak but, will anybody listen?


sevencarpileup said...

The world does need more of you and I'd love to get an encore of that seminar performance. The entire entertainment area is taboo-ed by Muslims in the US. Somehow it's because our parents moved here so we'd become doctors and lawyers. Somehow, I think 30 years down the line when us first/second generationers have kids we might be able to support them in such endeavors.

sevencarpileup said...

Hahahaha facebook's job. You really had me laughing for 2 minutes there. A nice cherry on a double fudge Mundae of a day! <3

And of course I'm willing to listen, and I am enough.

TheGossamerThread said...

Wow! Latifa is angry! I guess shes right in a way. Oh well. Keep shining