I Could Use Somebody, Somebody Like You...

Fact: [fakt]
  1. something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.
  2. something known to exist or to have happened: Space travel is now a fact.
Today in 4th grade we looked at "facts" that is something that is unfaltering from person-to-person, essentially the origin of the detail should be non-opinionated. A fact is that which is founded in truth. After going over what a fact is and what a fact isn't for about 30mins (because children don't understand what parents say is not necessarily "fact")I sent home little slips where the children had an opportunity to interview their parents. After they spoke with their parents they were to write down 3 facts. My five favorites are listed below.

  1. Women lie. Men lie.
  2. Valentine's Day is not about candy or teddy bears. It is definitely not about love.
  3. Everyone dies, not everyone lives.
  4. Women aren't like coffee. They don't smell that fresh in the morning.
  5. America is a Ghetto.
I thought these were worth blogging, worth sharing. But, I'm selfish and love these "facts" so, I'm keeping them. Tomorrow I will walk in look them each in the eyes and with all the matter of fact presence one can muster I will tell them I have no clue were their facts are. They are in the "in.spire" shoe box under my bed. I'm going to make a collage.


Cheryl said...


But funny.

This is like "Shit my dad says" but for young people.

Anonymous said...

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Miss MishMish said...

Wow and these are from the minds of 9 year olds. Children in America are so grown up in their view of the world, kind of sad...innocence lost somehow, you know. I wonder what other children would be thinking...say from Iowa. I wonder what kids from this same age group from the UAE (where I live) would say.

I would love to see your collage when you are done. :)

癢癢 said...
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K. Abdullah said...

Remember when you used to write? Go back to that.

cocomel said...

Omgoosh these kida wrote that ..thats frightening what they gonna be like in the future?
but apart from that its bloody HILARIOUS!

If I were you I would have died of laughter from reading all of it =P