Sunday Snippets # 3- Who'd have known where this was going when you said, 'hi.'?

"He loves me...he loves me not."

There's a couple, who've clearly been drinking, arguing outside my window.It's cold so they've got to be pretty dedicated to this argument. I just heard him scoff at her. Apparently lil missy is very 'friendly' with a swig or two of liquid courage pulsing through her veins. He made them leave the party early because she "couldn't keep her hands to herself." He thinks she's lying when she says "I love you." So she shouts, "If you don't believe me, just put your hands on me." He's drunk and thinks the alcohol is just making her really horny. But, arguments can sober a person up really quickly. I know what she means when she says, "just put your hands on me." She knows love can only be felt. Maybe love really is blind.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sunday Snippet, that I'm reading here on Wednesday and smiling...'cos that is why we close our eyes when we kiss.

Constructive Attitude said...

who said this?

z-dizzle said...

sister soul sister soul!!!