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Why is it that we always speak in terms of rules instead of what would be beautiful? Do we worship a God of rules or a God of beauty?


Falling Up said...

how ironic. I posted about God and beauty a day after you wrote this. And found this the day I posted mine.

I think we should follow a God of Beauty. Everything beautiful comes from Him so following Him would be beautfiully within the rules? *shrugs*

Layla Khayyam said...

Id say we worship a Beautiful God who gives Beautiful rules

Artistic Logic said...

this reminds me of the story of Rabia Basri who was found running through the street with a pitcher of water in one hand and a flaming torch in another...when asked why she was doing this, she replied she wishes to burn heaven and douse the hell fire ...so that we all would worship God for HIM and HIS beauty rather than to avoid hell-fire or gain Jannah.