I'm Not Spending Anymore Time Wasted...

Change. Ah, what a powerful word. It's that crucial point in life where you look back and realize you are not you. It's that time when you hold your head high and state "I'm over it/you/them" and yet hold not a single regret. It's where the past meets the present and clinches the future tight. But, what if you haven't ever changed or worse yet never will?

If there's anything in my life that's ever been consistent it's change. And with that comes the pattern of my friends. I hate that we aren't the same beings we once were. Their actions are a reflection of their thoughts, a fiber of their being. So if it's their words, and actions I have an issue with I must accordingly detest their thoughts. I have no problem with change.You see I know change. I see change. I embody change. All we do is change

Yeah, I know change

We are born to change
We sometimes regard it as a metaphor
That reflects the way things ought to be

In fact change takes time
It exceeds expectations
It requires both now and then
See although the players change
The song remains the same
And the truth is
You gotta have the balls to change.

So, to them I say this. I'm ready to change, are you?


whitefawn87 said...

i'm ready for change too

sevencarpileup said...

wow. just yesterday i was trying to figure out how best to change. and you're right, the first thing i realized was that i have to have the balls to do it. sigh, but i wonder if my reason behind changing is flawed. we'll find out next semester.

Artistic Logic said...

i want to change so many things about me... i don't know if im strong enough to....how come i never have these types of epiphanies...