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"The Grass Is Greener On The Other....side?"

So, this is officially my first Blogger entry. Well, yippee for me. I’ve always been a writer, the first to express myself. Song and dance tend to be my weapon of choice however. Lately though I find myself wanting more, nothing is enough. I’m a senior in high school now, and involved in so many extra-circulars that seldom do I spend time on me.

Basically for the past 6 months I’ve decided to make a change. I know, I know “people do it everyday, promise themselves they're gonna change; I’ve been there, but I'm changin' from the inside out. That was then and this is now.” Not, too many radical changes though. I’m concentrating more on my physical and mental state that is.

My main priority ironically enough isn’t my education. I’m valedictorian, and well I’ve got that covered, I’m good on money too, have plenty in fact. I just want to loose weight and regain a sense of self. This is exactly why I’ve began reading again. Currently it’s “Playing in Traffic” an interesting epic indeed.

I know I’m kinda weird believing that turning my phone off at precisely 11 pm, eating more carrots, and reading more often is in some way going to profoundly change my life but , eh ‘tis what I believe. So for me reading thusly keeping me quite/occupied and not stressing over boys is going to ultimately cheer me up. Making me more pleasant to be around -- (and trust me I can make an impact) and if I’m not happy neither is the world. So here’s this weeks assignment. Think of what you can do to make the world better simply because you’re alive. For me it’s clear live life to it’s fullest and be happy. What’s yours?

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